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Al Markaz Ramadan Journal

Purchase your Ramadan journal today!

Get instant access to your Ramadan journal to help you make the most of Ramadan this year!

Strive to strengthen your imaan in ways you have never tried before.

Have the pure and sincere intention of ending this Ramadan as an improved Muslim, intending to continue all the acts of worship you carry out in this blessed month.  

It is designed to strengthen your connection with Allah, foster spiritual growth, and cultivate positive habits.

Plan and track progress towards your spiritual goals

Excellent way of sadqa Jaariya, choose to give Sadaqah Jariyah on behalf of deceased loved ones in order for the ongoing rewards to benefit the deceased in their Hereafter

The Journal Includes:

  • Quranic Ayats Translation 
  • Daily litanies 
  • Hadith of the Day
  • Ruling of fasting 
  • Important of Namaaz

The funds will go to supporting the new masjid development project

Reasons Why We Should Be Part Of This Project:

  • Promote Islamic Education
  • Best Charity is given in one’s own lifetime
  • Investment for the hereafter
  • Help your community